Thoughts about Technology.

Technology more and more distracts us from our daily surroundings which includes our family, friends and other fellow human beings. Also, our environment.. We barely pay attention to natural things anymore.. Such as the twittering of birds on a beautiful morning. Such as the sound of the rain on a calm Sunday evening when you lie in bed all alone and go through a typical Sunday blues. Such as the sound of the wind when the sea breeze kisses the surface of an empty beach. Mother Nature’s little spectacles drown in our ignorant and incurious behaviour, sadly.


We’re radically over-developing the parts of quick thinking, distractible brain and letting the long-form-thinking, creative, contemplative, solitude-seeking, thought-consolidating pieces of our brain atrophy by not using them. And to me, that’s both sad and dangerous.


At the most basic levels, we’re losing manners. At the heart of manners is a consideration of others. An acknowledgement of the existence of other human beings. People nowadays fail to understand each other. Misunderstandings get created way more often. Often unwanted, but still. Humanity slowly becomes something people do not recognize anymore. We do not fully listen to understand anymore, we listen in order to respond and that’s another failure of our current existence.


Another thing I would like to add: I think what we are losing is creativity and insight. Think about your own examples when you felt at your most creative or your best performance. Remember when you would sit down in your free time and just start to draw something randomly and it even turned out decently? Or when we would write down daily stories and adventures in our very own private diaries just for the sake of it.. just for the memories? Or when we would simply start little experiments in the kitchen at home only to try out new things and create new recipes? It’s become too rare that we allow ourselves to take time to explore our own being and our surroundings. It’s become way too seldom that we allow ourselves to get lost in our own creativity, our own world just to find pieces of yourself you haven’t gotten to meet yet. You’d be surprised what each and every single of you is capable of.. You’d be surprised to see the inner beauty of yourself.


Simply put, at the heart of creativity, insight, imagination and humaneness is an ability to pay attention to ANYTHING – our ideas, our line of thinking, each other. And that is what’s most threatened.


It’s important to pay attention to the things and the people that are actually around us, every single day. It’s important that we do not only listen to respond, but that we learn to listen and understand one another.. Of course we cannot expect for everyone to understand our thoughts and ideas, but it’s important that we try. Toss your laziness away because it will never be as attractive as effort.


It’s important that we give each other chances again.. Chances to be yourself. Chances to feel free to do whatever you want without being scared that someone will sit somewhere behind a lonely bush, waiting for us to screw up, waiting to be able to judge us and our failure, mistakes or however you want to call it. We need to give ourselves chances to learn, and grow.


“Be kind to people and don’t judge, for you do not know what demons they carry and what battles they are fighting.” – We try to fight daily battles if it’s with ourselves or with the world no one knows about. We all need time, courage, support and strength to be able to end certain battles.. You don’t have to win every battle; it’s not about winning, but about learning and getting to know yourself and each other. Your life is a lesson and we should all accept this challenge.. A challenge we thankfully do not have to fight alone, even though sometimes it just needs one to fight it all. But what I want to say is that it’s important that we pay attention to each other, that we help each other. Humanity needs to return into this world again.


 “Life is full of beauty, notice it.” – Don’t be ashamed of humanity and all the things it makes you feel, you’re only human after all. And being human is freaking beautiful, let’s be honest. 


xoxo, NCH - cocoroxic.

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