My very first test shooting for the blog.

I am unconditionally and irrevocably in love with my new jacket which my dad has bought me for my birthday. Even though my birthday is only going to be in May, he made an exception for once.

Love him, really. 


And right after I have spent an amazing day with dad, just strolling around the streets of Zürich and ending up buying 3 jackets in one day (even though I have promised myself not to spend so much money again), I have decided to go on an experimental shoot on top of a parkcade. 


I must admit, I have spent hours and hours to find the right spot and even got sent out when shooting in a ghost town like shopping mall. In the end though, I had way too much fun performing my catwalk through the murky hallways of this mall and shooting randomly as if no one was around.


Sure, in the beginning you'll always feel weird and watched as people walk by and look at you in a funny and slightly curious way as they simply want to know as to why we are shooting ourselves. But with time, it will become easier to pose and perform, to find new locations and to ignore the weird stares of others while simply having fun. 


Hope you all find what you love doing too. 



xoxo, NCH - cocoroxic.

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