When choosing a location I go crazy.

When choosing locations, I go crazy. Literally, I tell you. When it comes to looking for the perfect background, decent lighting and simply the best location for my outfits.. Damn, I have a hard time choosing. And let's not forget to mention that the people I work with and I, do not always share the same views and opinion on the things we see. I must admit, it is quite a ride until we find the right place but it's always worth it in the end. Every discussion, every challenge is so worth it when you have someone by your side that fights as hard as you do, in a team, together and never against each other.


Like I mentioned in my previously posted blog post, you should never ever give up. Choose to try out new things even when you do not think it could be great at all. You'll be surprised what happens and when you suddenly start to love things you thought you could never even like.

We're all way too judgmental at first, even I am, and after a while my likings change all of a sudden and that's the moment I start to laugh and love. 


Thanks to the people I work with, I have grown to love things I had weird thoughts about before. 


So yes my friends, open your minds and go out to find, for you, foreign things and just simply jump into the ice cold water. And when you're choosing a location for the pictures you want to take for your blog? Trust your gut instincts or allow your inspiration aka another person of support to help you out. There is no wrong or right in shooting pictures for your blog. Everyone has their own style, their own ideas, their own ways of doing things and that's probably the most beautiful thing about it all. 


If you like that yellow Ducky outfit of yours with a blood red background then do it! At least you'll stand out from the crowd and people will recognize you. 


We need more people who dare to be different! We need more people who dare to be themselves unconditionally. Be brave!


Are you one of them? 



xoxo, NCH - cocoroxic.

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