"It's gonna be a long night, and it's gonna be cold without your arms." Oh how I love this song and it's slow but very touching sound which leaves thousand of goosebumps upon your soft skin. I remember how I would always listen to this soothing yet slightly sad song whenever we would go on trips.. I remember how my gaze was focused on the world outside the car while it passed by so quickly, quicker than I could blink sometimes. I remember how my arms would wrap around my own body only to hug myself.. because it was gonna be a long night. It indeed was as our drive towards France always took around 7-9 hours total until we would arrive to the desired destination. It always felt so cold to be on my way towards home.. but I knew that once I would get there, the warmth would come back and my heart would bloom again just like a little flower that finally got to get kissed by the sun once again. It was all worth it, every single second of experiencing the icyness. 


I smile, and I twirl around in my black crepe dress from the COS stores and feel like I have never left this place. I smile because I was back home and the warmth which was missing on my way down here, finally returned to my corpora. It was Cannes this time.. the famous place for long nights and long days too. Especially during the Film Festival in Cannes, when it would be so very busy. I was too early for this years' festivity, but that didn't bother me at all as meanwhile, I decided to enjoy the beautiful tranquility filling this usually slightly stressful environment.. Maybe not stressful exactly, but I'm sure you know what I mean. Thousands of film lovers, celebs, fans and so many more would attend this party and it always seemed hard to find a way out of this crowd. 


But here I was, calm and truly happy in my heart. I was ready for dinner, dinner with the best people and the best friends I have ever had and could ask for, my beloved parents. 



Rose pullover by: American Apparel

Black crepe dress by: The COS stores

Sandals by: A gift

White clutch by: Maddison at Manor Switzerland

Sunnies by: Zara

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