Energy Fashion Night 2015

Holy moly.. Energy Fashion Night was such a big party and such a blast! I could literally not sit still as I attended this event! I had the wonderful privilege of joining thousands of other fashion and music lovers to the Energy Fashion Nights. For me it was even more special as I was allowed to borrow and present a unique masterpiece of a super friendly, talented and such an amazing designer. I meet the lovely designer and creator at the Fashionhotel and I immediately fell in love with the collection of hats he had to offer and I could obviously not resist of wanting to show it off and present it to the world of fashion.


I spent hours looking for the perfect outfit afterwards in order to compliment the hat as this was my main presentation for the night. In the end I decided for an elegant street style version of myself to keep it nice but simple. (The whole shooting for this one outfit will follow in a blogpost soon.)


Energy Fashion Night is a show that takes place every once a year and tickets cannot be bought. Each ticket will be given away randomly as everyone who wants to attend has to apply in a simple contest of sending a text or postcard and providing your contact details. Sometimes they even come up with contest where you can literally create something for the given topic and participate this way too. 


The show presents several Swiss brands and wraps their stage performance into little stories which perfectly match the announced theme and add music, dance and so many special effects to it to make it even more special. My heart jumped and made all kinds of beats during the whole time I spent there.


"When the crowd stands up and dances during the show, and literally screams their lungs out in order to support your singing and to be part of the here and now.. That's when you know the event was great! Screw sitting around like uptight folks. Screw trying to seem all serious and civilised. - Life's too short to be boring, so let's all be awesome together!" is what I have written on one of my Instagram posts right after we left the show as during it, I was lost for words due to the pure excitement.


And oh my God.. Have I mentioned they booked Chanel Iman (the gorgeous Victoria's Secret Topmodel) for the catwalk? Uh-huh. They did! The moment she put her feet onto the stage and sashayed down the runway I literally screamed "Oh my God" about 3 times.. I'm not even lying. Haha. 


So, really guys. If music, fashion and adrenaline are things you need in your life, don't miss the next Energy Fashion Night and allow yourself to be part of it! 



xoxo, NCH - cocoroxic.


If you want to more about the Energy Fashion Night, check their official website right here:

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