Energy Fashion Night Shooting.

Shooting here, shooting there, shooting everywhere.. and what the hell should I wear? 


I honestly had a hard time finding the right outfit for the Energy Fashion Night. Not only was it difficult to find the right pieces because I was slightly indecisive, but also because I wanted everything to be perfect and it had to fit the hat, which I borrowed, perfectly too of course. As the selected hat was the main item and very important for the night of fashion. 


Minutes turned into hours and days turned into weeks.. or at least it all felt this way. And it didn't feel this way because I wasn't excited at all, it was the complete opposite. I was excited as hell. I was excited like a little kid who finally go its cake which it had ordered like a half an hour ago at the restaurant. It sounds silly but that's just how I am sometimes.. like a little child, always excited and totally passionate about all the things I want to do. 


And during all that time of choosing the right dress, the perfect shoes and the matching bags and clutches I almost forgot to organise a shooting to record and cherish the moment and the final result of my special outfit. It was almost laughable but that was just the way I was, so crazy involved and in love with the things I do that I get lost in this world of mine quite a lot.


But thanks to the talented friend of mine (Daniel Pochetti, a freelance photographer and film-maker from Zürich), I could manage to find the ideal time and place to conjure up the whole scenery and shooting needed for the upcoming post, in which I am going to reveal more about the outfit and the amazing designer of the hat that was given to me for that special event.


xoxo, NCH - cocoroxic.

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