Fashionhotel 2015

Fashionhotel was so much fun! And you know what I loved most about this event? That all the newcomers and smaller brands finally got their chance to shine too! I have met so many talented and inspiring people with visions that cannot be explained nor compared to any other.


I am both happy and excited to have been able to connect with amazing brands and that I was allowed to present my favourite masterpiece (found in room 41) at the Energy Fashion Night 2015!


You might ask yourself: What even is a Fashionhotel?


Well, let me tell you that this is a place full of fashionable treasures and surprises. It is a hotel that was solely opened for this one event all weekend long. You'll enter the fun place on a red carpet, feeling like a superstar and are welcomed by a photographer who will take a picture of you on the photo wall. Afterwards, a lobby with dance music which shoots immediately through your bones, welcomes you and offers you a restaurant with delicious specials and delicacies and a bar where drinks are served. But let's not get stuck in the culinary part just yet.. Moving upwards to the first floor, the Fashionhotel offers the visitors a small market where the journey of finding and getting to know interesting things starts. A dear friend of mine, who is a very talented make-up artist, had a stand there too and offered instant make-up fix and beauty moments right there. It was amazing to see how many people literally queued at her stand to get their make-up done by her.


If you are interested in beauty treats too or simply want to join her for one of the beauty parties she offers, check out her website right here:

You can book a beauty party and have all your friends join you too. If it's for a birthday present, a wedding gift or simply a new experience you want to collect.. Valerie is your girl!


After a small tour through the market, I decided to finally visit the rest of what the Fashionhotel had to offer us. Now I'm sure you still want to know how the whole concept works and where the rest of all the brands can be found. Each brand, store, make-up artists, stylist, creator and more had the chance to rent one of the hotel rooms and decorate it the way the wanted it. They were allowed to use the whole chamber as their own showroom for a whole weekend and of course, the hotel has taken out the bed and the office table for this event to provide more space. And that's how I went on, on my small expedition and seriously, I loved how in every single room, a whole new world welcomed me. If you're tempted to experience a journey like this too or are simply curious, check out the official website of the Fashionhotel:

All pictures were taken with the Olympus Pen Generation which I were allowed to borrow during my stay at the Fashionhotel. And the best thing about this while thing? It was all for free and I was allowed to take the memory card with me as a gift and souvenir.


Olympus Pen Generation's official website:

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