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How perfect it is to write on a full moon's night when a lunar eclipse, also called blood moon or super moon which rather reminds me of the Sailor moon but that's another story I'm going to tell one day, occurs. 


It is a spectacle that fascinates me every time it happens.. Solar or lunar, I'm in love with the both of them. I sometimes wish that I could just sit into some UFO-like vehicle only to fly up high towards the beautiful sky to be able see Mother Nature's special events a little more closely. I remember how I would always sit by the window, when I was just a little girl, during the darkest nights to watch the stars from afar. It all started when the mind of mine allowed me to finally realise my surroundings and to realise who and what I am.. A human being with a special love for everything that was out of space and so out of reach for someone who doesn’t have a free ticket for a rocket ride. I would spend hours just watching them, admiring them. The darker the night, the better. I never feared darkness or the endless unknown, but I feared to get lost in there some day without anything to hold on to.. Without knowing where it will take me. The universe has always been the biggest mysteries of them all and I loved it so much that I always wanted to become one too. But somehow, instead of becoming a mystery I have become a woman who could never let go of the limitless, of the endless, of the never-ending beauty of this life. I became Mother Nature’s own personal stalker. I grew up knowing that my time I was allowed to spend on this planet was limited, but I also grew up knowing that our souls would live on forever.. Just how the universe would never disappear without a warning like we all will have to one day.. Just how it goes, the circle of life, the circle of everything around here. But you know, with time, you realise that not being able to hold on to everything and not knowing where to go can be beautiful sometimes. Life has its own way of showing us what really matters and time has its own way of showing us who we really are, where we came from, where we belong and where we shall go. Our life is a journey and not a destiny. A short journey indeed but every single second given is certainly enjoyable and so damn precious.. Our life is a gift and not a given right. Our life is one of the most unique things ever.. I mean, have you ever thought about how every human being can never be replaced nor be cloned to a point to have and receive the exact same human being like the one which already exists? It's impossible. We are unique. Each and every one of us has their own experience which leads us to have a different mind-set, various dreams and goals, individual behaviour and so much more.. All the things you go through now, no one else in this whole universe will ever do the exact same thing as you do. It's just you. It's just you and this very moment. It's just like me right now.. No other human being will ever choose the exact same words to write a post like this.. They will never use the same pictures to compliment the written text in addition. They will never be me. But that's the beautiful thing here, people. I praise individuality. I praise the good and the beauty in every human being in existence because I am sure there is sheer beauty in everyone of us as I do not believe that the universe itself is something bad. I only believe in Karma, as whatever goes around comes around indeed. But other than that, I trust the universe to only want the good for us, to want us to grow and live a life that we might not be able to keep.. but I'm sure that our soul will select certain pieces and moments of it and keep it deep within our eternal spirit until we are allowed to reappear somewhere again, as someone completely new, and our soul won't know right away but during another lifetime we will find things that will make us feel like home even though we have never been there and we'll meet people along the way which will seem so familiar to us even though we have never met them before and these are going to be the precious moments in which we could be almost a 100% sure that we have had the pleasure to walk this beautiful planet before. The more I grow up, and yes I am still growing up as an "adult" as I think you're never fully grown up, and the more experience I gain, the more I learn to let go. The more I learn to let it be and let life happen. The more I learn to trust my inner flow as blindly as possible because everything that comes from deep within is pure and utterly trustworthy in my opinion.

So stop and stare. Breathe.. Inhale, exhale as you allow your eyes to scan your surroundings. Listen to every single sound given by your current environment. Embrace the temperature, allow the world to take you in and allow yourself to consciously feel the moment. This moment is yours and no one can ever take it away from you. It’s just you, darling, and the big wide world which will love you right back if you do too. And if you ever feel like you don’t belong, approach me. I will always be there for anyone and everyone who needs someone to talk to. I don't care who you are or what time it is. I’m here.

Much love. Xoxo, NCH – cocoroxic.


Black cap with satin flowers by: Rafael Kouto

Dress by: COS

Shoes by: Topshop


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    Margot (Sunday, 17 January 2016 21:53)

    So inspiring, I love