Wolford, so full of magic.

There is a place or a person for everyone to love, to cherish and deeply admire. A place or a single individual who can make you feel like home as if you have finally arrived where you originally belong, with your whole body and soul. And you know what? I have found that place.. I have found those people.. I call them my family, the people who have once created me in the pure act of love and raised me the best they could.. with all the knowledge and with all the unconditional love they possess. All my life, they've have given up theirs to be there for me and to provide everything I needed in order to grow strong and to be able to face the world alone one day. Thankfully though, I still have them in my life and I literally spend every free minute with them because honestly? What would I be without them? I wouldn't even exist. I wouldn't even be able to explore this beautiful world of ours.. They always tell me that they haven't given up on anything, but they have given everything for what they really wanted.. They have given everything to be able to have this family that is now my safe haven and that one home I will always need.. and damn, you can imagine how my heart wrenches and slightly hurts in the most beautiful way possible when I hear such things. To simply know that you are their life and that you mean more to them than anything else ever could. I can only sigh and lay a single dainty hand upon my chest right where my heart is located, because I always get so lost in moments like these, in moments where pure emotions overwhelm you and won't allow words to speak as they could never be as powerful.. in my opinion. But thankfully we were given other ways to express ourselves, from which we can freely choose.


This year's spring break, my parents took me to the South of France also known as the famous Côte d'Azur, once again. Oh how I have missed this place, this place I call my second home. The second home I have shared with my family ever since. I remember the good old times and the times not too far away too, all spent in this wonderful place back down south. Le petit port.


As always, when going on a trip, I would also take my camera with me and loads of different clothes, accessories, bags, shoes, and tights.. oh yes, tights are so important and you'll notice this every time you decide to wear an elegant dress for the night or decent shorts to match them with. And you know what? Lucky me got some very special ones sponsored by Wolford. Can you imagine that? Little Nat got them send home after the Austrian luxury tights and hosiery brand has sent a collaboration request. I was speechless and happy and so much more. THANK YOU WOLFORD, ONCE AGAIN. And I obviously couldn't help to take that chance and I decided to conjure up a special shooting for these tights only. There was only one location which felt like the right place to do that.. there was only one little village in the South of France which could offer me the perfect scenery to be able to create such magic. Saint Paul de Vence, a small locality in which many artists create their unique masterpieces. All around the tiny lanes you could find art pieces in every size possible, pictures of a time way before me and so many more interesting things.. but my curious soul got pulled into the lanes in which you could find nothing but sheer silence and the charming architecture of the south, and that's when I knew I had found the right place for the shooting. We immediately started with taking so many pictures and even a small, from the iPhone taken, video. Tourists walking by would stare and shoot curious glances at me which I would do too if I saw someone wearing such gorgeous tights. And when I would walk by, through the little lanes, they would still continue stare.. but not because I was taking pictures like every other tourist probably would, but because my tights were so special they could almost not handle it, nor could they take their eyes off it. I must be honest, I have enjoyed and cherished every stare and each slightly jealous comment I have received that day back then, simply because it made me feel special. Not that I am one who seeks attention here and there and everywhere but to feel special every once in a while is something everyone deserves.


I have never worn such noble tights before, I must admit. And until this moment I guess I didn't know that I was missing out on so much. These Wolford tights changed my life and they made me feel so gallant, so sophisticated, so special and I wouldn't want it any other way. I wouldn't ever want to miss out on them again, to be sincere, because when does it ever happen that a single item can make you feel so great and fix all your problems at once in just an instant?


So if you ever decide on buying tights in the future, my loves, give Wolford a try and I promise you they will do magic.. magic I thought could only be found in tights until I got to wear them.


xoxo, NCH - cocoroxic.

If you fell in love with the tights I am wearing and you would love to own them too,

check out Wolford's official website right here: http://www.wolfordshop.ch/


The tights I am wearing are featured with a soft and comfortable knitted waistband which will even help you shape your beautiful curves a little bit. And the laced details, including the metal studs will catch everyone's attention indeed. Allow yourself to be the main attraction in your own party called life, and get the stunning 'Alicia Tights' right here. They're so worth it.



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    Katie (Wednesday, 10 June 2015 21:23)

    Wow love your style of writing!!

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    Alyssa (Monday, 28 September 2015 04:37)

    I want these thighs..