Back to the future.

It is that time of the year again, after summer vacation full of unforgettable memories and enchanting adventures, on which we are expected to focus on reality again. It's been a wonderful time to be off and away, and I could honestly stay like this forever but as we all know, even forever does not last. But that's totally fine, you know? I think that knowing that our given time, all the different stages and phases in life is limited, helps us appreciate what we have right here and right now.


But hey, I'm not here to preach to you today at all. Nor am I here to talk about forever but to share my huge excitement due to me falling back in love with a time not too long gone: THE 90's. "Oh my God, we're back again!" as the Backstreet boys would say in one of their most famous songs: Everybody.


Colourful, crazy, cheerful and absolutely out of time and space. Welcome back to the beloved nineties which we all have so greatly missed indeed. All the trends from the past, or let’s say from the jarring era of the nineties, are finally coming back..


Choker necklaces, Doc Martens, floral skater dresses, jelly sandals, sky-high platform shoes, scrunchies, flannels, denim jackets, pink streaks, crop tops, slap bracelets and so much glitter..


Simply everything super colourful and fancy as hell. Just like all the extremely cool toys just as the Tamagotchi’s, and little Furby who would speak and play with you. Or the hover boards and Pokémon cards.. I could go crazy all over only by hearing the sound of these items again.


And oh the lovely coffee culture.. Has anyone even noticed how my generation is probably the one who drinks coffee the most? We're all so naturally addicted to it and couldn't think of a daily routine without it, simply because we grew up thinking coffee is as essential as brushing your teeth in every single morning. I mean, look at all the sitcoms and comedy series from the nineties and compare them to the ones we have now. In Friends, everyone would gather in the local coffee shop to hang out with each other and to entertain us in the most comfortable way ever, while in How I Met You Mother the whole crew gathers in the local bar for beers and drinks. I'm not saying that our current TV shows and generation or situation is bad at all; I'm just saying that coffee played a huge role in our greatly cherished nineties.



Just like the urban culture and underground rave parties which started to grow so fast back then.. or the grunge wave, also known as the Seattle sound. A rebellious and individual sound which took elements from heavy metal, hardcore punk and alternative rock offering a dirty splash to it all. And honourably to mention, the famous band called Nirvana were the one who started all the rage back then and created a movement and a completely new genre which lasted until today.


And ladies, remember all the beloved boy bands too? The endless girl power and the bubble-gum pop?

Oh my, oh my.. We have arrived to the less rebellious part of the nineties and welcomed the rather soft, pastel and baby like stage of it as it was super trendy to be extremely girly and wear colours only a little princess would wear. Britney Spears, The Spice Girls, The Backstreet Boys.. and their music lives on and on and never faded. Who would have thought that bubble-gum pop would last this long.


I think it's amazing to get a second chance in life and being able to fully witness the utterly natural change of things and the world itself.. it is truly beautiful and I am so happy that I have gotten the chance to build a second experience with my favourite items from the past era again. It is like reviving and reliving your childhood all over, only that we are now old enough to choose which horrible floral dress we shall wear this time and that we get to drink colourful lemonades with super power effect too, if you know what I mean.. But did I mention who actually inspired me to get into that flashback in the end?

WE LOVE COLORS. I have been digging and trying to find old stuff of mine only to be able to wear it again and to integrate it to my current style which seems quite grungy lately but WE LOVE COLORS gave a whole new spice into the story and my journey back into the past.. or should I say: Back to the future? The Miami based brand has gifted me with amazingly colourful goodies such as footless microfiber tights in and a pair of nylons socks in which I fell in love with immediately.


Hologram Doc Martens and clutch, grey cotton dress and the fabulous orchid pink tights by WE LOVE COLORS. Back to the future indeed. In a city full of people who wear black and black only, I surely seemed to stand out with my colourful tights. They're incredibly soft and stretchy and so comfortable to wear which perfectly complimented my super carefree and skater girl persona that day.

I made a small test run through the main streets of Zürich on my shooting day only to catch and register the reaction of several random pedestrians and more.. and I loved it. So many bright smiles and compliments from people wearing all black and maybe a splash of white or dark grey. And the others? The others would simply stare as if I just came back from a time traveling trip and got lost in the city in which cars and buildings are more colourful than the people themselves.


Nevertheless, I must say I have greatly enjoyed the attention I have got during my days as a nineties chick thanks to the amazing tights from WE LOVE COLORS. Therefore, again, thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity and inspiration you have gifted me with. I do not only recommend these tights for casual occasions but also do I recommend them to all dancers and people who are in need of high-quality hosiery and comfortable dance wear.


Want to go back to the future too or simply want to get super fancy with a pair of colourful leggings or tights by WE LOVE COLORS directly from amazing Miami? Check them out on their official website right here and let’s be fun, bright and bold together.


Just one click away:


xoxo, NCH - cocoroxic.



Grey dress by: Only

Orchid pink tights by: We Love Colors

Hologram boots by: Tally Weijl

Hologram clutch by: Lili Pearl UK


We love colors.

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