Mode Suisse - Edition 8

Time flies by so damn fast when you're throwing watches. I'm kidding about the throwing watches thing, but time indeed causes me to have a whiplash whenever I decide to consciously take a look at my surroundings to see how far I have come.


I remember how, in February the 9th 2015, I was still dreaming of being able to have a closer sight at the most important and most popular Fashion Show in Switzerland. I remember how I would just sashay around the Kongresshaus and their fabulous Showrooms only to get a little taste of the Swiss fashion world and I was delighted. I was literally so delighted to meet so many new designers and fashion people that I made it my mission to be part of the next Edition, to be able to watch the show more closely and I did it. The Mode Suisse is an invitation only Fashion Show which only allows invited and selected people to be able to enjoy the artful gathering.


I also remember how I would be so nervous back in February this year, to meet all these people, and how I had no idea what the hell to wear. I would make a mess of my room by picking out every single piece of clothing I had and I would literally create several outfits until I would find the perfect one. But this time, it was different. I was calm, collected yet very excited. I decided to go for black, as always. All black, everything. I black turtle necked dress by H&M with a black poncho by Comma, black Ash shoes (my newest lovers) and my beloved hologram clutch by Lili Pearl UK. I felt amazing and I couldn't wait for the past weekend to go by as fast as possible as the Fashion Show always takes place on a Monday evening.


I met up with my brother-heart, had a small snack before entering the show and it already started. A voluntary picture on the Mode Suisse photo wall, a glass of white wine at the bar, a hello here and there with a delighted smile as I was truly happy to see so many people and close friends again. I even finally met one of my favourite Swiss bloggers, live, and I would literally just smile like an idiot who just got a voucher for 20 free pizzas and drinks. And I’m pretty sure you’re wondering which blogger I’m talking about now and I won’t make it a big mystery for once, so go ahead and check her out by clicking the following link and see for yourself:


And then, it was finally time for the show. We got second-row seats and I was more than happy about that. We have chosen the left side, a little in the back to be able to see the whole picture. It was perfect for me to take as many Snapchat pictures as I could and wanted to. The whole show was a sheer blast with the live music by an English musician and composer who's currently residing in Berlin, and the overly stunning collection of carefully selected Swiss Fashion Designers. The show took place in Oerlikon this time, in a really big industrial kind of hall which was the much better venue as the Kongresshaus, in my opinion, as it perfectly complimented the whole show as one.


Nine showcased designer have had their pleasure of presenting their newest collection with the goal of being able to move their collections from their studio straight into Swiss shops where every fashion lover of our country could finally purchase the handmade pieces with love.


The nine selected designers were:

Huber Egloff –

Julian Zigerli –

Lida Noba –

HEAD Genève –

Sandro Marzo –

Steinrohner –

IAHAI – Coming soon..

Adrian Reber –

And last but not least: enSoie –

Beneath I have saved a few random shots and impressions from the Mode Suisse Edition 8 show. If you want to know more about the whole organisation and the show itself, click the following link for more informations:

Big thanks goes out to the whole Mode Suisse team for offering such a great show.Thank you for the memories, thank you for the unique impressions and thank you for allowing me to be part of a project I wholeheartedly support. Can't wait for the next edition!

xoxo, NCH - cocoroxic.

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