Balmain is golden.

Yes Balmain is golden, but you know what else is golden? Kindness. Simple kindness given by any human being you meet wether it's someone you know or a stranger you just pass by on your way to wherever. There are so many forms of kindness.. Kindness is to smile at a stranger without expecting a smile in return. It is to open the door for someone who either exits or follows you through an entrance.

It is to greet someone walking by, even if they don't greet you back. It is to help someone up when they stumble and fall. It is to think of others before you think of yourself. It is to put your pride aside from time to time even if it makes you feel like an idiot in that moment but usually, being kind has the effect of making you feel great in the long-run. 


It breaks my heart how kindness has lost its appeal to certain human beings, and it honestly upsets me how kindness is considered a weakness these days too. Or when kindness gets confused with flirting even.. What happened with the old-fashioned kind of ways? What happened to manners? What happened to the warmth filled actions of a human being coming straight from the heart without a single question and doubt. I believe it is still there somewhere, hidden deeply within as the lot of us have grown tired of being judged and called fake or even weak for performing and offering such beautiful manners which used to be self-evident in a time not so long ago. 


I'm all for reviving these manners and to motivate people around you to do the same.. because it is missing wholeheartedly and needed for sure. Kindness is the one essence which could save lives sometimes, besides the purest form of love as well. Because let's be honest, do you ever just sit in the train or on a bench located in the city centre sometimes and watch the crowd go by? Do you ever just wonder about how certain people must feel on their way of going home, or going to work or on their way or meeting a friend? We never know how one truly feels. We never know what is really going on in one's mind. And we never know what some are struggling with in their lives.. And this is exactly why I wish some people would be more kind to others. Because every little event, every single moment of our lives leads to another.. ever single act of kindness could change one's mind of considering not to do any damage and to instead, reconsider and reevaluate their own lives and the current situation they find themselves being lost in. Do you see where I'm coming from? Even a the smallest smile could change lives.. so think about it again. Is it worth it? To be rude to someone who pushed you off their path. To be inconsiderate of other people's feelings when they're being sad or broken? Because in the long-run, every damage does not only affect them but it affects us too when knowing we could have made an impact in their lives even if it was just for a single second.. so much can happen within a blink of an eye and we shall never waste our precious time on being or even thinking to be anything but kind, thoughtful, compassionate and G O L D E N.


So choose kindness and kindness shall come right back at you. 

Choose to shine and let others shine too. 

Mustard coloured rope shirt by: Balmain x H&M

Black long sleeve dress by: H&M

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