Sassy for Chouchou.

Give me a S, give me an A, double S so sexy and a single Y because you know why. 




Who doesn't love to be sassy? Sassy is the new classy but surely never trashy. Many people confuse it with being super spoiled and bratty but a sassy girl is never rude but knows how to elegantly ensnare with her girlie features and goodies given.


Talking about goodies, there is one I really really really need to tell you about. And you probably have witnessed me showing off this goodie all over the place already but let me officially introduce you to: The Chouchou Couture created and founded by the talented Fashion Designer Miss Silvia Pellegrino. 


Silvia is originally from the both aesthetically and historically beautiful Rome, the capital of Bella Italia. And what comes to your mind immediately when thinking of Italian ladies? Hell yeah, they've got that untameable sass and temper only the strong ones can handle, yet every man falls for the art of una bella donna (an attractive and captivating dame). 


Who doesn't love himself a confident queen? Chouchou Couture is like these special pair of shoes which help a girl become the lady she always wanted to be: courageous, dauntless, sanguine, secure, assured.. and with a single hood of Chouchou, you'll feel like you can take over the world and rule it like a regina.


Chouchou is simply magic. That kind of magic which unexpectedly found me and showed me what I was really missing without knowing I even needed it before. The kind of magic which wholeheartedly embraces you and makes you feel like you really do belong with all your soul, skin and bones. Chouchou is super personal and that is only one of the multitudinous things I could start to enumerate on my list of " reasons why I love Chouchou so much". Silvia, the designer always makes sure that you feel loved and so very special while wearing her brand. She wants you to own it like a girl boss, she wants you to feel like you're capable of achieving everything you've ever dreamed of and that was her goal.. to gift each girl with a feeling only a hood made with so much love and passion could do so: to feel invincible and powerful like Catwoman herself. MEOW!


Check her out now and get your own hood on:



Pitch black suede hood by: Chouchou Couture

Tight Morticia-like dress by: H&M

Platforms by: Topshop

A catwoman who needs A batman? nah. All I need is my Chouchou hood and the world is mine.

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