Bling bling on the brows.

Bling bling on the brows.. and we’re back at it with the glittery lifestyle. ‘Not all that glitter is gold’ and it doesn’t have to be. Because let’s be honest, the natural spark within your eyes which lights up whenever your heart is on fire and filled of passion.. or the newly bought highlighter from your favourite cosmetic brand which enlightens the cute parts of your cherubic features.. it’s not gold in any way at all yet it still makes you feel amazing from outside and within and allows you to appear beautiful, aren’t I right? Of course I am. You don’t have to wear 24 karat gold necklaces and golden grills complimented by Swarovski crystals in order to look fabulous.. All you need is a little love in your heart and some cheap glitter on your brows and trust me, you’ll turn heads and break hearts.. Maybe only the freaky one’s but who doesn’t love themselves a little crazy and freaky friend. It’s precious and so healthy to some point because you are being you, unconditionally and that’s what I will always support and preach for wholeheartedly.. for you to be yourself in every way possible, with all your edges and flaws, I want you to never change for the sake of society or even just a single person you want to impress because people who belong into your life will never need you to proof yourself. They will see you for you and they will accept you the way you are with all your quirks. So get that glitter at Claires now and start sprinkling some glitter on your brows, babes. You’ll see how it changes your mood.. It will skyrocket immediately, and you'll be wanting to fly to Neverland with Tinkerbell, as silly as it sounds. But man, this craziness is so worth it. Give it a try. 

It's also very easy to put on.. just get a small eyebrow brush, wet it a little with water and dive the brush into the small can of glitter to place it on your brows or wherever else you want to spark and shine. 


It's really that simple. To fix it, maybe use some hairspray but that's about it.

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    LAILA (Monday, 04 July 2016 19:15)

    Nat you look amazing! I love those glittery eyebrows, might have to try them myself. Your blog is so chic girl.

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