Boxing Braids.

Boxing braids. Whenever I think of boxing it reminds me of my childhood and my family.. I used to get bullied in primary school which turned me into a really shy and vulnerable little girl but it didn’t last long thankfully as one of my cousins from overseas decided to teach me some of boxing skills and how to defend myself in the best ways. Can you imagine that? Mini me performing boxing moves on other kids who would threaten to beat me up or even attacked me for no reason.. a new era was to begin and a new version of me was born. A less scared Natalie returned to Switzerland after spending all summer in Australia traveling, exploring and visiting family. Children taller than myself have started to gain more and more respect towards me once I had the courage to open my mouth and to be brave enough to strike back even if it meant having to deal with the consequences.. but it was worth it. I’m not saying violence is key or the solution to every problem but it was important that I had made a step towards them to put them back into their place in order to stop them from trying to harm and hurt me instead of taking two steps back out of fear, because this fear won’t ever help you grow.. this fear will never allow you to fight for your rights. These kids used to think they could bully me because I was so skinny and small but they thought so wrong.. no matter how small and weak you might consider yourself, a certain strength which could conquer the world lies deep within all of us, waiting to be released. I’ll never tell you to punch back or to harm other in order to get what you want in life, but I will always tell you to never allow anyone to treat you like you are worth nothing. Because that will never be true.. you have rights too. You have feelings like every other human being too. You have a life to live and only you can live your own so do not let anyone ever take that away form you. Okay? Okay. 

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