The comfort zone.

Comfort cut 40

The comfort zone.. Oh our lovely comfort zone. A place, a state of mind familiar to all of us.


The comfort zone : noun › a situation in which you feel comfortable and you do not have to do anything new or difficult: in your/out of your comfort zone. Sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. I'm all for leaving that zone every once in a while in order to reach certain dreams and in order to experience life to the fullest. And then there's the comfort zone which is connected to our clothing style which is an important one too. Personally I'd say that this is the only zone which I would never push anyone to exit nor to change for anyone's good because clothing items help us being ourselves fully, they help us feel comfortable in our skin. In order to be able to jump out of that state of mind of being way too cushy and comfy, I'd say it is extremely important to feel good about yourself and this is exactly what my hosiery, a wonderful gift from Wolford, is giving me.. a feeling of complete complacency. The new Comfort Cut 40 by Wolford makes me feel confident, beautiful and so damn good in my very own skin. I mean.. Have you ever had days on which you were wearing really weird clothes? Clothes which made you feel insecure and uncomfortable for some reason? Perhaps because of it's materials, colours, cuts or just a tiny detail which spiked your gun and ruined your whole outfit? Well then you should give the hosiery of Wolford a chance for sure. The new Comfort Cut 40 is extremely soft and adapts to your curves and edges perfectly to a point where it feels like a second skin.. so silky, so beautifully gentle and luxurious. And not only because of it's magnificent material and supremely pure look but also because of the new innovational cut option given, an absolute must have in every collection of hosiery of every living beauty.


It's super simple.. by individually cutting into one of the four highlighted areas, the waistband will be able to adapt every goddesses' figure smoothly which means: no more hosiery to tight, no more breathing problems caused by the tightness of one's waistband.. tall, short, curvy or skinny: The new Comfort Cut 40 will surely embrace your shapes and love them softly. 


Wanna be a trendsetter or are you a go getter just like me?

Join the innovation now and get your Comfort Cut 40 right here, by clicking on: Wolford

Wonderful hosiery by: Wolford

Black lace blouse by: H&M

Black leather heels by: Bruno Premi

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    Tom (Thursday, 20 May 2021 19:31)

    Wow these legs