Why so serious?

Why so serious? A question I ask myself and people around me almost daily. Why? Because human beings are way too serious 90% of the time and once we open ourselves up and allow one to be a little crazy for brief moments, we glance around quickly just to make sure no one spotted us being weird  and perhaps a bit funny because people could think we are not normal. But you know what? Screw this! Certain people might think we are a little insane, yeah.. So what? Those are exactly the people we don't need in our lives. What's normal nowadays anyway? Is it normal to never joke around and laugh? Is it normal to force people to be "professional" 24/7? No, it's rather unhealthy, in my opinion. 


I get called batshit crazy every single day of my wonderful human life and I'm not even lying. Even when I dress "normal" for my taste, people will look at me with judgmental facial expressions and stare as if they had just seen a ghost from the other side. Others whisper and laugh about me which appears rather evil most times and let's say, very rude indeed. And again others point their naked finger at me and even shake their heads simply because my appearance doesn't seem to please their eyes and ideas in their narrows minds, and I must admit it used to bug me so much.. It made me feel super vulnerable and weird. It made me feel so out of place and not accepted and I guess that's okay because I had to grow into it.. I had to grow into loving myself fully with every single flaw given by Mother Nature. The only acceptance I really needed was my very own, not the one of a thousand faces I'll never see again. The problem with planet Earth's population nowadays is that so many are too blinded by their surroundings to think for their own. Most people grew up accepting societies idea of some given norm someone once came up with and carry that crap with them all day and every day, and once someone does not fit into those forms they have engraved in their minds, they start to judge and in the worst cases even bully them.. The more you seek for approval of strangers, the more you will slowly destroy yourself and you should never destroy an artwork that's so unique.. Let them talk, let them stare. "Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable." So embrace your weirdness and allow yourself to get comfortable doing the things you love doing no matter how it might look like to the outside world. Just make sure you never harm anyone around you. And whoever gets disturbed, offended or uncomfortable by the sight of you or whatever you might be doing, simply hasn't learned to accept themselves yet.. They still need to start loving themselves, which a lot of people are not capable of or scared of as it takes a lot of courage, strength and effort to do so, and those are the simple reasos why so many people choose to judge others instead of working on their own person. Criticising others will always be easier.. Making fun of others and laughing at them will always be easier too, I agree. Nobody likes to be hurt or vulnerable at all which is why I have made it my mission to make others laugh instead and share a laugh which does not harm anybody "My pain may be the reason for somebody's laugh. But my laugh must never be the reason for somebody's pain." I'm a weirdo, I'm crazy, I'm insane and out of my mind. I'm not normal and never will be. I'm flawed and my mind likes to wander to dark places, a lot. I cry when watching romantic movies, I laugh when walking into objects standing in my way, I dance when it rains, I'm a perfectionist but my room is always a mess, I'm not a fan of colourful clothing but colourful hair, I love wearing black all the damn time, I sing even though I sound like a retarded seal and I do silly things and make a fool out of myself on a daily basis in order to make the people I love laugh. I'm not normal but I am true to myself. I am me and despite all the pain in the world I still choose to see the bright side. Despite all the hate, I choose to love unconditionally. Despite all the darkness, I try to keep my smile and laugh my way through life while sharing a laugh with my fellow human beings..


Because laughing, apparently, is one of the strongest cure against pain which is why some people in deep pain choose to make others laugh and make fun of themselves to laugh with them through their own pain in order to help others to be and stay happy at all times. Society calls them "clowns".. And you won't find them in circuses only, you'll also find them in several homes.. Your workplace and wherever someone is selfless enough to help others. I thank those "clowns" and heroes of our time from the bottom of my tiny heart for being the good in our world when some other things may seem so hopeless, evil, cold and bad. 


Thank you for NOT being serious all the time. 


And to those who have finally started to appreciate themselves and their one of a kind weirdness: I love you! Stay weird!


xoxo, NCH - cocoroxic.

Faux leather jacket by: Clockhouse (drawings made by myself)

Violet blouse by: H&M

Kitty leather gloves by: Karl Lagerfeld

Green hair colour by: Claire's

Braids made by: Anhel Cape

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    LAILA (Thursday, 10 November 2016 14:52)

    Omg Nat, you write so beautifully! "The more you seek for approval of strangers, the more you will slowly destroy yourself and you should never destroy an artwork that's so unique." I love this phrase so much, because it really makes you think and value yourself. I hate the boring-ass people in this world, who live miserably and try to make everyone around them miserable as well. I'm so glad you've broken out from the mould and have learnt to love yourself; I hope the people that read this will too. You're one special human being, and you're always radiating light. Keep shining! We need more people like you in this world. xo