I’m pretty sure everyone has always dreamed of being a mermaid once or twice in our lives.. even if it was only during the time of our wonderfully given childhood. Wether we were inspired by the cute little mermaid girlies from the Disney movie Peter Pan or Arielle the extremely good-looking redhead of a mermaid. I remember always wanting to dress up as one and to dive into the ocean only to braid my blonde locks underwater and to sing and dance with the fishes in the sea without drowning and choking on water.. yet I only ever ended up jumping into swimming pools on vacation or the beautiful lake located a few minutes from home and trying to perform a somewhat mermaid swim style underwater. And to be very honest, I still do that sometimes.. and I’m 26 years old people. But that doesn’t really matter, right? What I want to say with this statement is that it is basically irrelevant how old we might be as long as we keep our inner child alive. It’s so important to never let it die out because the child in us keeps us grounded. It keeps us genuine, curious and naive which are relevant traits if you want to be successful in life. 


But I don’t want to bore you with deep speeches of mine in this post but rather to reveal how I have gotten my hair so beautifully turquoise coloured. It’s simple really. I pay visits at Claires (which is a rather girlie and corny jewellery store but yet you always find the funniest things in there) here and there and the other day I have discovered hair colour sprays which can be used for a one day or night event because it’s easily washed out again. I simply went for the mermaid-like colour turquoise and decided to spray my hair full with its content.. et voila, I turned into a mermaid just like that. They sell them in all kind of colours.. from pink to yellow to violet and red and whatever your heart desires, really. So, if you ever feel bored and feel the need of trying out something new, go for it. They’re not expensive either. 


Have fun. 

xoxo, NCH - cocoroxic.

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