Power vibes.

Out of space, out of place. That's how I usually felt when I would sit by the bay window of my old chamber I used to live in our previous apartment, watching the night-sky beautifully complimented by a billion of stars we will never personally meet. My body was born on earth yet I felt like my soul belonged somewhere else. But I never knew where. I never knew what my soul really longed for.. I never knew what was missing exactly in order to make myself feel complete within the depth of my soul and I spent nights wondering, hoping and wishing I would find out someday. I spent nights crying my eyes out and wanting to know why I felt so out of place. Sadly, and I never want this for any child on this precious planet, we feel like we are not part of a certain circle sometimes.. like we don't belong. But that's part of growing up and learning more about life, our fellow human beings and its surroundings. It's part of getting to know who you really are and getting to know others who might just feel the same. There is one thing I have learned during my 26 years of living on this gorgeous planet called earth, it's that we are never completely alone.. there will always be someone who feels the same, there will always be something that can make you feel like home. Wether it's a close friend, a beloved family member or a sweet stranger you have just met. The universe itself has its own magical powers and strength of making you feel its vibes in order to give you signs and the needed motivation to never give up on yourself and the life you are living, but to keep going and to keep fighting the feeling of utter loneliness. The universe is with us, you know? Even if we can never really see it with our given eyes or touch it with our delicate human hands, but our soul will always know it has been there once, it has been touched deep within where no one usually has access to. 


Through my years of trying to find myself and the place I belong, I have also learned that home is not always a place or a house where you actually live in.. it can be a person or simply a feeling once you arrive at a certain destination in your precious life. I always thought I was crazy or simply a freak for feeling this way. I felt weird when trying to explain my situation or emotions to someone but that will never be our fault, you know? Some people just function differently and that is okay. But when you find that person who understands you? Heaven on earth, where have you been all my life? This would be one of the moments I would call 'coming home' simply because you have found someone who vibes with you so well as if you have known each other for forever and a day. 


And with that I would love to introduce you to a newcomer brand who has launched their very first collection on the fashion market. The Backyard Crew - A team consisting of two girl bosses who one can't help but adore wholeheartedly. Their collection is a mix of grunge, street-style and out of space couture. I still remember the first time I have gotten to talk to Sara who is one of the talented duo, and it literally felt like I have known her for a whole lifetime. No filter, no awkwardness, no single moment of feeling weird and wanting to hide one self.. there was just the two of us spilling whatever words would come into our minds, natural blabbering about random things and it felt epic. And yes I know this sounds gay as Hell but then I'd have to admit I fell in love with the second team member who's name is Rafaela too. Both are so openminded and welcome you with an open heart which is more than you can imagine compared to open arms. And this is just the one of the many things I fell in love with.. let's not forget about the collection itself. It has been designed by the both of them, which is alone an accomplished already since it is very rare and super hard to find these days. Compatible things in general.. once it fits, it fits like the delicate daisies on the green fields of our own Heaven called the earth. But to return to the collection.. it has been produced in Bulgaria with the best quality garments chosen by the two artistic souls. Down below I will be introducing you the famous The Backyard Kimono which turned me into a adventure addicted and space loving astronaut. I hope you enjoy it and if you want to join the ever so uplifting spaceship of The Backyard Crew then check them out now and don't be a stranger.. you'll know you belong once you get to wear their special pieces and once you get to witness the passion in the eyes of each crew member of the brand. 


Click here to check out: The Backyard

Also, don't forget to visit The Backyard - Pop Up at the Europa Allee 13 in Zürich.


More informations can be found on: http://thebackyard.ch/

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    Tarzan (Tuesday, 20 March 2018 15:30)

    Wie ein Modell!Nein noch besser!