Out of space, out of place.

Out of space.. don't we all feel like we are out of space sometimes? Like we don't belong, like the crowd around us just doesn't feel right? Yeah. It seems to happen a lot to those who just share different views on the world or who simply enjoy being an individual unlike any other. But there's also another "out of space" kind of feeling, it's when you visit certain places which make you feel like you are not where you are actually located in this very moment but you have been thieved into a whole new world.. Into another time which makes you feel like reality has disappeared even if it's just for brief moment. I enjoy those moments.. moments in which you get a break from the real thing and grant you the insight of a world not everyone seems to see. 


Whenever I travel to Valais which is one of the most beautiful parts of Switzerland complimented by numerous mountains and little villages all over, I feel like I am entering another world from another time. 


One of my absolute favourite spots is the Hotel Belvédère on the so called Furkapass. It only takes one glance to realise this building has been built long time ago and I love that, I love that it's still there, standing tall and ever so magical. And of course I couldn't help but take a few shots before continuing my journey. I hope you enjoy the view. 


xoxo, NCH - cocoroxic.

Metallic and sporty style puffa by: Zara

Casual ripped jeans by: River Island

Kitty slippers by: Karl Lagerfeld

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