B A S E L W O R L D 2017.

My very first time entering the famous Baselworld before the official opening ceremony has even happened certainly was an experience and a pleasure I shall not forget too soon.. I took the day off to be able to be part of the Press Day on the 22nd of March which offered everyone with a Press badge to have an insight to all halls and luxurious goods before everyone else could too. Of course I'd travel to Basel on my own once again, ready for the diamond studded adventure which awaited me in those tremendous halls.. beautifully decorated and perfectly highlighted in order to emphasise the world's most precious and cherished brands and unique brilliance. I started the day with a generous lunch at the Press Center and allowed myself to get used to all the professional journalists, photographers and more. So many cameras, huge ones even.. everyone was so perfectly prepared to this day to come and as someone who simply writes for my own in hope to maybe inspire a few along the way, I must wholeheartedly admit that situations like these can be quite intimidating yet also very helpful because it pushes you to do better, to give your best and grow. After the delicious goodies offered, little Coco-nat decided to finally enter the halls and to give my beloved Nikon (the camera I basically use for all my picture on the blog) a little work.. a snap here, a snap there, cheeky videos everywhere. At the end of the day I ended up with so many pictures and videos which I have now edited for you guys to enjoy. These are just a few impressions I'd like to share but nothing too specific as I wanted to keep it my post focused on the event itself and not a certain brand just yet.. 


Have a look and let me know what you think. 


xoxo, NCH - cocoroxic.

For those who are missing the party, I have created another video with a few memories of the show and it's stunning surroundings. I hope you enjoy the video and the pictures given below.


Also, visit Baselworld's official website to gain further informations and insights of the show:

Brilliance Meets: http://www.baselworld.com/

Don't crack under pressure by: TAGHeuer

Fancy moon-phase pieces by: Gucci

Classy as always: Chanel

Casual but so gorgeous: Ingersoll

Blinded by the light, inspired by unique: Artya

Stunning Swarovski.

A little taste of Swiss-ness by: Victorinox

Beautiful U-BOAT.

Elegant leather beauties by: Hermes

Fendi time pieces.

Glashütte allowing a detailed and very informative insight.

Simply Rolex.

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