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Fashionhotel is a place where fashion lovers, bloggers, fashion new-starters and ambitioned newbies, passionate designers and creators, curious cats and so much more get a creative insight to a chosen range of clothings, accessories and other unique creations. Each room in the luxuriously stylish Kameha Grand in Zürich was decorated differently in order to emphasise the given goodies and present each brand perfectly. Most brands are Swiss, and so are the owners and creators of each label which quintessentially matched the hotels image. Each room gifted with doors and bank vault kind of openings which resembled the world's best, loved and known Swiss chocolate. Every little detail was chosen passionately in order to allow each guest to feel the Swiss-ness through and through. Beneath you will find a few impressions which shall allow you to get an idea of the event and the location offered my Kameha Grand Zürich itself. The hotel literally offers the entrance to another world, a world full of wonderful details which turn one into a curious little adventurer, no matter what age. Each room, each entrance is followed by a whole new and uniquely decorated chamber filled with charm, and as you can notice I’m about to babble all over again.. simply because I fell in love with the beautiful picture given when strolling through the halls and surroundings of this special place. Ugh.. just check it out, loves.


And as the hotel’s slogan says: LIFE IS GRAND, and so are you. Stay GRAND, stay GREAT.


Check out: Kameha Grand Zürich

Swiss Smile Beauty for a smile which turns heads and causes the world to smile right back at you.

Trenta Optik for one of the trendiest and most innovative eyewear in Zürich.

Joy + Grief for a blooming yet very grunge-y lifestyle. The brand proves that not everything dark is actually gloomy but can be playful and sweet too.


Joy + Grief is literally a brand I admire throughout. Its gorgeous designer not only creates the rather dark and grunge-y inspired fashion line on her very own but also lives and represents it with her own appearance and being utterly passionate which I find genuinely pleasing and sympathetic.

Nardou Couture for extravagant fashion.

Piq Your Dress for every sweet party girl and queenie in the making.

Fabulous and classy Carmen Cita Jones for everyone who dares to shine and everyone who's in love with precious stones and pearls.

Retro Punk for a funky, classy and a very much elegant traveling experience. Retro Punk goodies are basically your best friend which you'll want to show off and take with you, wherever you go.

Body Shop for everyone who loves and worships their body and their surroundings. 

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