Back in time.

Back in time.. is where I have allowed myself to get lost in once again. It's beautiful but also a tad bit dangerous to allow memories to control your mind and unleash throughout into reality. I find myself mourning the long gone quite a lot lately.. Certain times and seasons just have their "oh so lovely" habit of making us overthink even more and sneaking in ever so innocently and quietly until it finds that one deeply buried memory which is connected to one's heart the most only to settle and to let loose of it once more. It can be both an educational experience but also a very painful one. They say: "no pain, no gain" and I guess I would have to agree with one even though I'd prefer not to because plain pain is not something everyone knows how to cope with. Most people don't even see pain as any helpful at all which I completely understand but every good and every bad experience is important and necessary in life, in order to allow ourselves to grow and learn and become a better and stronger version of ourselves. So.. if you ever find yourself longing for the lost ones, the ones who got away, allow yourself to do so fully and wholeheartedly. We need this.. we need to allow ourselves to work with these issues, events and past happenings, we need to handle it and see into the eyes of the things which we seem to avoid ever so giftedly. Because avoiding it will only cause excruciating delay and no salvation nor freedom from one's mind at all. 


Be strong. 


xoxo, NCH - cocoroxic. 


White pullover by: COS

White skirt with black details by: COS

Black velvet overknees by: Zara

Black leather jacket by: Raine

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    RADHIKA (Friday, 12 January 2018 11:51)

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  • #2 (Sunday, 14 January 2018 21:25)

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