Warm Hearts with Mövenpick.

Discover Mövenpick Ice Cream with Cocoroxic. Such a splendid idea would one think "but have you checked the weather outside Nat?", my friends would sceptically question my enthusiasm and motivation to warm hearts all around even though the streets are super slippery and icy at this time of the year while trees have been wrapped into their Christmassy coat of plain white powdery snow, and all our minds would want to think about is a mulled wine in order to stay alive or simply warmed up for now. "It's bloody cold, Nat. Who would even think of ice cream right now?" I'm glad they've asked, because I know the answer and the answer is: Me. I wholeheartedly believe that even on the coldest days, hearts can be warm and warmed up when done right, and it's simple really. It's all just a matter of strong believe and the power of love for another human being. I made it my mission this year to spread the warmth of my heart on the coldest days with the sweetest (and sometimes even savoury sour) flavours and you know what? It worked and I'm very happy it did. 


xoxo, NCH - cocoroxic.

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Please also check out the angelic creations called edenart by Fredy Buchmann, the genuinely friendly gentleman who was gifted with a Mövenpick Ice Cream by me. 



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    Tarzan (Tuesday, 20 March 2018 15:21)

    Ich finde den Video gut gelungen!