C O C O R O X I C - Its simple. Coco rocks it. 


Kidding. My name is Natalie Cassidy Hari (also known as Coco le Carrot, which is a nickname I have once "earned" from my friends due to my extremely orange-y hair back in the good old days)..


I'm an enthusiastic world traveller with constant wanderlust which seems pretty much incurable.

I like to call myself a student of life who visits the university of impulsive decisions quite frequently..

Also a passionate fashion lover who's into crazy styles and everything weird, a party animal whenever I don't feel like a lazy couch potato, and a dedicated writer too who loves sharing and suggesting travelling tips, random ideas of the twisted corners of my mind, my personal style and inner thoughts with the world. 


I started my personal blog who's now called 'cocoroxic' as an outlet for me to express myself by means of clothing, accessories, my own writing including poems and quotes such as insights of my travels and lifestyle with hopes of inspiring and maybe even motivating others.


I'm a firm believer in spreading love, sharing happiness, having fun and being yourself unconditionally.



As I am constantly travelling around Europe and the world, I feel the obligation to share all the experiences I witness. My main places of residence are: Zürich (Switzerland),

London and Oxford my second home (Great Britain)

and fair little Saint Tropez in my beloved Côte d'Azur (France).



 I hope you allow yourself to get lost in the curious and colourful adventures in my head which I will put down in words for you almost weekly.



And remember: 

"Not all who wander are lost." 

And if you ever still feel lost or have any questions or just want to talk,

don't ever hesitate to contact me:




Enjoy the excursion through my blog. 



xoxo, NCH - cocoroxic.