Welcome to the Take Care Club by COCOROXICwhere you will find a "home" with like-minded human beings, sharing and caring for one another. Our goal is to heal, grow, care and being taken care of our own tribe: people who naturally vibe together without hesitation, without ulterior motives.


Our Take Care Club should help you find your place in this universe, it should help you feel good and understood.


COCOROXIC was once created as an outlet for thoughts to share. Thoughts, ideas, dreams and topics the majority might be too shy, anxious or scared to share with the world but this ends here. COCOROXISM shall be a safe space for all the babes who are just like me. So come and join the GANG, to change the world.


xoxo, NCH - cocoroxic.

We offer the following events and services:


♡ Babes Brunch

♡ Babes Afternoon Tea

♡ Babes Bubbles and Gossip Night

♡ ..and more!


Please note that none of the events and services include "romantic" ulterior motives. 

Prices are available on request.