I am no Barbie.

I am no Barbie. No. I'm just another blonde girl who likes to take care of herself. Yes. A girl who also likes to skate around the pavements of my beautiful city whilst listening to music and discovering new corners in addition. Yes, double yes to the non stereotypical kind of people. People often mistake girls with blonde hair with the stereotypical picture of a chick who's got an IQ so low it could be compared to the IQ of an flip-flop which is probably zero and honestly: non-existent. I can take care of myself, I can be alone without feeling anxious or lonely, I can date myself and take myself out for a candle light dinner and still have fun, I can decide without needing approval from anyone around me, I can travel by myself and still feel complete, I can sleep alone without needing a partner by my side 24/7, I can cook and I can also play games on my gameboy which may not seem girly at all, I can train like an animal at the gym and still wear skirts afterwards, I can curl my blonde hair and look like an angel and yet I still know how to stand my ground.. I still know how to fight for my rights without having to bat my eyelashes all cutely in order to get what I want. I am a girl with my own power, in need of no one to support me, in need of no approval. I am a girl with my own will, my own dreams, my own wishes to work towards to. There's so much more. Being a blonde girl does not mean that one is always clumsy, silly and doesn't know about life. Being blonde doesn't mean that one is always wearing pink, always wearing makeup, always having one's hair done all flawlessly. Being a blonde girl does not mean that one is insecure and in need of company all the time even though a little company is always welcomed of course. Don't get me wrong. I just wish people would judge less and give people more chances to proof themselves. I wish people would accept the odds of things being different than being displayed on social media. Society provides us with informations we want to see, but that does not mean that those things are always true. Not all red-haired girls are evil. Not all black-haired girls are goths. And not all blondes are dumb and helpless, my friends.

Give people a chance, get to know them first. 


Quit the unnecessary gossip, quit the judging, quit the hate because this is so not trendy. 


It's much more trendy to be open-minded and welcoming to human beings around me, trust me, I know because I've been through it myself. I've experienced both sides and can only add that being on the side of the less judgy ones is so much more pleasant and most importantly: healthy.


xoxo, NCH - cocoroxic. 

Pink sports jacket by: Nike

Skateboard by: Penny

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    Easin (Friday, 16 April 2021 15:56)

    Nice too meet you

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    Adam (Thursday, 20 May 2021 19:27)

    What a girl!