Moon child.

Have you thought about leaving Earth lately? I did. I continue to allow my childish mind to take off, I allow my naive eyes to watch the stars all night long until I pass out ever so peacefully. It's not that I want to leave forever. No. I just want to explore everything this universe has to offer us. I want to see the milky way, I want to explore every planet I might pass by in my spaceship, I want to walk the face of this beautiful moon which greets me every single night before I head to my beloved bed. I want a lot of things.. I'm aware. But isn't this what we're all here for? To see, to learn, to discover and share all that with someone we love? I'll never know if I'm right or wrong and in my opinion that does not matter either way because I don't want to bother my easily messed up mind with questions I can never answer, with thoughts which will only put me in a rather heavy mood instead. But.. I want to continue to be childish, I want to continue to be the moon child I am. One who continuously longs for distant places, places which would take lifetimes to get there.. and lifetimes to get back home. Yet I am so conflicted because I also don't want to miss out on the things life has to offer me here, I don't want to miss out on the people I love because I know nothing ever lasts forever. Meanwhile I allow life to take over and lead me. My head is a beautiful mess and anxiously, helplessly and yet welcomingly I await all the things that are to come still and am thankful to even exist.


xoxo, NCH - cocoroxic.

Rose pullover by: American Apparel

Choker by: H&M 

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    Samantha (Thursday, 20 May 2021)

    You are an amazing writer
    Keep going